Feb. 25th, 2009

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where did February go? somehow my dads birthday crept up on me when I wasnt looking. thank god for https://www.winemessenger.com/ is all I have to say.

in pony news, I watched some vid of me riding ChinaGirl. it almost looks like she responds to what I think is a leg yield by breaking into a lovely canter depart. I so wish I knew more. what does she know how to do? what cues is she reading when I think I'm doing something totally different? Fingers crossed that one of my favorite trainers will return to the barn in the spring. I can buy a training lesson and just watch the pro put little girl through her paces.

work is crazy (so what else is new) but I am in a happy place, feeling well appreciated. I do not take this for granted, i assure you.

we sat down at apprentice night at figured out our goals for the next year (a nice little tradition. its fun to review what you thought you would do and what you actually did :)). should be a fun year of challenges mixed with some pretty nice attainable goals for us all (need to poke perky canadian time share apprentice for her goals too :))

meahwhile, I am learning how to make fingers on knit gloves (not as easy as you'd think...how long? how wide? picked up stitches or cast on? the upside is that I have a glove that fits ME and my crazy weird "all fingers are different lengths" hands. woot!) as a preample for the pennsic hand covering knitalong, and looking forward to picking up a box at the post office this morning :)

oh yes, and a lunch date with [livejournal.com profile] trulinor. mmmmm. sushi!

its a good week :)
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hey! its snowing at my house!!!!


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