Feb. 21st, 2009

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March 6th opening date slated for the new Trader Joes. and the Whole Foods close to my work has a big banner saying they're opening soon too...

between that and the csa baskets at work, I'll be so set!
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the really cool house two doors down from me has new residents.

this is the original house for this whole area. think big 19th century farm house, complete with an awesome wrap around porch, big windows and lovely old trees. Its a really terrific house and totally deserves to be full of happy people.

there was a for sale sign for a while, then it was gone, and now? HERDS of people. like dozens and dozens of cars. One of them has european union plates. Lots of music, some of it self made. and they seem to have parties every couple nights.

I think its awesome :). Happy party noises dont phase me at all and dont keep me up. they arent parking in my driveway (why should they when the school provides a full sized parking lot right across the street from the house?) and its HAPPY party noises.

still, I'm dying of curiosity about who they are :). some night when I hear the party going and I havent changed into my flannel jammies with the skiing duckies on them? I should head over and introduce myself :)

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