Feb. 19th, 2009

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1. back is flaring up. this makes our heroine most cranky. if its still like this next week, we make THE APPOINTMENT with the orthopedic surgeon and give the *gulp* needleinthespineomgthattotallyfreaksmeouttoeventhinkaboutit thing that we are trying not to think about. Please feel free to layer on the platitudes at will.

2. in the category of "ever the optimist am I" I bought a five day ski pass for my work trip to Whistler. I was assured by the lady who sold it to me that there would not be a giant global warming spell to melt all the snow. we will see. Still, a week at Whistler? woot! and to be joined by perky canadian time share apprentice and her dapper time and spend bending with his brain hubby? double woot!

3. I am feeling the need to make pate. real, artery hardening, cholesterol laden, illegal in california, fois gras containing pate. anyone on my FL have a recipe or tips to share? I've made chicken liver pate (with brandy and thyme. yum!) and one of my "signature dishes" is a mushroom pate that I cribbed the recipe from the former apprental unit. but I havent done one with fois gras before.... seems like it would be fun to play with :) Bonus points if it uses a period recipe, of course :)

4. its spring, methinks. I have crocus in my yard and I keep finding myself slowing down if i am walking in the sun to bask a bit. kinda like a lizard.

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