Feb. 18th, 2009

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took monday off to go ride. drove by and picked up cute little red haired apprentice [livejournal.com profile] annisa_1380 and we headed down.

it was a lovely clear day, tho not super warm. still, a good time was had by all. I pushed Chinas envelope a bit, and she pushed mine. spent a fair bit of time trotting in the arena, working on bending and yielding away from the leg (that pony is smart as a whip. which may cause us problems down the road ;)). even went on a trail ride where things kinda unravelled. still, we managed to not blow up (tho at one point my saddle ended up under her belly. oops!)

next sunday is the SCA practice at our barn. I'm thinking of tacking her up and seeing how she does. at the minimum, she can be tied to the fence to just watch and chill (being tied and standing quietly is something she needs to work on anyway)

she's a funny girl. put her in the cross ties and she fusses and fidgets and gets rather anxious. tie her in the alleyway and she moves about a bit but mostly so she can turn around and see what you're doing. we're working on it still but she wouldnt be the first horse I've worked with that felt clausterphobic in the cross ties.

she is the bendiest horse I've ever worked with, thats for sure. she can crane her neck around to check you out when you're brushing her tail!

my posting work is coming along, though...it really is starting to feel more natural and isnt any more work than sitting the trot now. woot! having a horse with a sweet trot with just enough bounce helps :)

I really wish I could ride more than once a week....

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