Feb. 10th, 2009

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Tuesday night is apprentice night. we go to tall gothy apprentice boys house, he makes supper and we work on projects and chat. its a nice tradition and good for building community.

tonight is a bit more formal...with cute and perky canadian apprentice and her dappy talented hubby hopefully coming down, the indominable [livejournal.com profile] countess_e  is coming too with HER apprenti. the plan is to get together, foster the greater extended apprentish family and touch bases with them all. We thought we'd also take advantage of the chance to Tell Them How It Works.

see, while its no secret how people move through the recommendation process, for some reason no one bothers to tell folks. so they, like little kids learning about sex on the playground, come up with all kinds of wacky ass ideas. We want our apprenti to know, so they arent the kids who think you get pregnant from toilet seats (so to speak)

so here's a question for you all, peer and non peer.
if you're not a peer....what do you want to know about How It Works?
If you are a peer, what do you wish you had known?

should be fun :). The Talking portion of the program shouldnt take too long and then we can sit about and be social. yay :).

in other news, its still snowing. has been off and on all night. only a bit of accumulation but it should make driving in a bit interesting. I'll be sure and take my not so hilly snow route in and it will be all good. oh wait...that takes me by JavaBean where they make mole mochas. Oh the Hardship!!!!!!!

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