Feb. 2nd, 2009

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yesterday was the kind of awesome horse day that reminds you why you love it so.

I not only got to ride Drifter (working on my posting, working on his collection and working on both our flexibility in the circle. had a bit of a breakthrough for me...I can get a lot nicer bend in him if I just friggin let my hips steer and dont worry about the hands/arms. at the end I was getting awesome turns on the haunches and the tightest little figure eights. go us!)

I also got to work with China, the cute little arab mare who was abandoned by her owner after being emotionally/training wise trashed. I'm told she got off the trailer a dead broke working ranch horse, and in short order became almost unridable with a whole tool bag of vices. Owner disappers (not her fault entirely...a 14 year old kid often cant control where she ends up) and China sits in the pasture getting fat and sassy and BORED.

She nips, she crashes into you. she tosses her head into your head. she jigs and dances in the cross ties. She pulls at the tie ring. She turns and bolts.

Under all taht? there's a smart, sweet little horse. I just KNOW it. After rather herculean efforts to get her saddled (and especially bridled. 14 yr old would use this HORRIBLE western bit on her. she avoids it like crazy) we longed and longed and longed. walk trot canter. modulate your pace, please. what a clever brave girl you are! lets work on stopping (which for her apparently means I stop and then come stand on your feet?. need to work on that.)

then..... I tried to get on her. she jumped away from the mounting block. I led her around again, and she bit me. I led her around again....and got on. Need to work on standing quietly and not leaving right off...but its a start.

what a lovely girl is under all that crap. she and I walked and trotted happily around the arena for a good long time. everytime she'd start to try and do the racing trot thing I could talk her down. she has the swivvilyest ears, and spent most of it with them tuned on ME. She cant collect worth a darn (see working ranch horse) but even at her jiggery bouncy "worst" it was still lovely.

we even managed a small trail ride where she tried to pass everyone and charge on ahead and then there was the turn and bolt for the barn thing.... but all in all I got to see some real progress made in her.

and that made me feel really really really good :). she (and I) have a long way to go yet but its going to be fun :). I need to brush up on my Parelli.... its mostly codified common sense but its really good for helping teach a horse basic ground manners and the idea of yielding to pressure. which she SO needs.....

interestingly I am sore today in all new places (mostly my sides and lower back). need to ponder on what movements use those muscles and see if thats a good thing or not....

whee :)

ETA: I'm so smart. I wonder if the sore muscles are the result of mucking about six stalls? what do you think? ;)
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Four jobs I’ve had in my life:

1. hazelnut harvester. more accurately hazelnut "grub on your hands and knees in the leaves on the ground"
2. milker/ranch sitter for dairy goat farm
3. nanny to twins. one had cerebral palsey and was deaf, the other was super super smart. whee!
4. you know the voice you hear over the intercom at a car dealership? that was me for a couple weeks.

Four TV shows I DVR: (OK, I dont own a TV. how about four TV shows I make sure to catch on DVD when they are available on netflix?)
1. Doctor Who
2. Dead like Me
3. anything from BBC. and I do mean anything.
4. Heroes

Four places I’ve Been:
1. Brooklyn Botanical Gardens when the cherry trees are in bloom
2. Bruges
3. Dijon, Burgundy, France
4. Sorrento, Italy

Four favorite foods:
1. nutella
2. scallops
3. figs, especially fresh or as served in that little bistro off the Rue Claire in Paris
4. insalata caprese

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