Jan. 23rd, 2009

ornerie: (dordogne)

last nights memorial was perfect.
calm, comforting, a mimumum of garment rending and teeth gnashing. it was about celebrating a mans life. it was really great to have such disparate worlds intersect.

it was also interesting to see that he had compartamentalized his life almost as much as I have.  hearing a superior court judge speak at length with disbelief that David should never be king (she thought this was a tragic oversight on the organizations part), and of his tent that wasnt just a TENT. it was also interesting how impressed the judges were with THINGS (his antique collection, his embroideries--they mentioned several times that they wanted his work to hang in the courthouse, etc). but they also spoke volumes of the type of public servant he was and how much he will be missed which resonated with me a lot more.

[livejournal.com profile] countess_e  also spoke about his art and passion for detail and research and the things that brought him joy. It was a perfect window in the David I knew, and the David that inspires me to never settle. if you're going to do it, stop and think and take the time to do it right. because anything else? is not right.

and for the record? [livejournal.com profile] countess_e  in heels is very very tall.

the last speaker was a guy from the scottish heritage community, who had seen an entirely different side of the same coin. again with the passion for detail and process and perfection but this time in a kilt. awesome :)

it was good to sit in a room with others whos lives this man had influenced and acknowledge not just our loss but also the impact and inspiration he gave to us all. and personally? thats the part I wanted to keep a hold on. I had hoped the memorial would help me get past the overwhelming anger at his senseless preventable death, and I think it did.

and while they had a piper, he didnt play amazing grace, thank god.

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