Jan. 5th, 2009

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I love snow. no really, I do.

slush? no so much. poo. all my pretty fluffy snow, so easy to drive in and weightless on my gutters, power lines and tree branches? is turning into squishy heavy wet glop. meh. oh well.

and in the navel gazing department, what is it that makes an icon? in a nice long chat with the Sister of Legend :) [livejournal.com profile] daedin  we agreed we couldnt figure it out. what makes one person an icon, while another labors unnoticed? is it a matter of sparkle combined with actual impact? we noticed that who is iconic for one might not be for another. we also noticed (well, I pointed out while Sister of Legend begrudgingly agreed) that one does not get to decide one is an icon....like all good soubriquets it is decided for you. Adulation can be hard to take with grace for some of us, but part of true humilty is the ability to suck it up and let others pay homage. Because it allows them to do somehting that THEY want to do, something that gives them joy as they see themselves giving a gift, regardless of how it makes our stomachs clench or how we protest in our heaerts that if they really knew us, they'd be running away screaming, not waving palm branches....

The windows at 12th night are "legends of AnTir". I would totally agree that the folks chosen to be so iconized (is that a word?) are indeed legends. but what makes it so?

Rock stars attain star status through a unique mixture of charisma, opportunity, luck and maybe even some talent. I would assume its the same for the icons we hold up in our communities. Think aobut the people you see as icons. People you see as Rock Stars. the Lion of AnTir? is the rock star award (and as such, it is one of the coolest awards in AnTir IMO :). right up there with the Carp and the Court barony in my mind. all of which celebrate the person and what they are, without any expectations or meetings. yay!)

anyway....who are your icons? why? (and be aware that my list? will likely not be your list. and that's ok :). My movie star boyfriend is likely not your movie star boyfriend either :)

a short, partial list?
Edward the Stuffy. the man has more cojones than anyone I know, and mor eimportantly will put his neck out to FIX things while the rest of us dither around. sure sometimes he could be a bit more diplomatic aobut it, but I wish I had half of his convictions and heart.
[livejournal.com profile] jjjlllvvv he;s probably horribly embarrased to see this. too bad! the man has quietly been working behind the scenes for as long as AnTir has been a kingdom. he prefers to let others take the credit for his work, always has. Black Kettle trailer? getting Antirs Financial records into corporate compliance? the email lists, peerage websites, ithra database, antir webpage, etc? he's had at least a hand in all of these. He's also my laurel, so I'm a bit biased :). he's the one who taught me "give it a shot! whats the worst thing that can happen?" when it comes to art.
[livejournal.com profile] hinkie another one who is quiet, behind the scenes. I bet you touch things she created every day and dont even know it.
[livejournal.com profile] hdlao as far as I'm concerned, she's the reason folks care about authenticity in AnTir. Sure, Cariadoc did it first, but she was the first person to really make it COOL in AntIr. I get to play the way I do because of her paving the way.
Maestro Eduardo. he's the one who set the culinary bar in AnTir. Me? I'm a hack. he's the one who makes food an artform.

again, a short, partial list.
howsbayou? name me five icons and why! our lists will likely NOT be the same and that's a good thing. how boring if they were!!

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