Jan. 1st, 2009

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2008 is done. it was definately a year of highs and lows for me, as it was for so many of us.

the highs:

having survived a huge batch of layoffs at work, I spent the year feeling valued and useful at work. This usually goes hand in hand with working lots of long hours but its all worth it. every day I see the progress of things I've worked on as they get closer and closer to the clinic, and so closer and closer to really making a difference in real patients lives. I love my job. I am doing exactly what I went to college for, and fufilling my core values every day in making the world a better place for my fellow humans. I am also fully aware that I am very very lucky to be able to do this and I never take it for granted.

I got to go on a world class fantastic vacation to France. I rode horses on the cobblestones through medieval towns with centuries old bells chiming in tall church spiers. I got to meet a farmer who raised bees in a chestnut forest. I got to wander farmers markets and taste locally grown fois gras and perfect melons and pears. I got to go to my favorite place in Paris (Ste. Chapelle) and have the floor of the upper chapel pretty much to myself. I got to sit in an ancient farmhouse and have a dog try to climb into my lap while the young daughter showed me her pony club blue ribbon and the teenagers of the house ribbed each other about boy and girl troubles, how getting your wisdome teeth out would make you look like a chipmunk and how they really reallyt really wanted a car for their birthday. I got to eat a meal cooked for me from local chicken, local mushrooms, local creme fraische. I stayed in an ancient convent and heard a cuckoo for the first time. I spent over 6 hrs in the saddle a day and my butt didnt fall off :). I even managed to overcome my fear of heights and my clausterphobia to climb half of the stairs of the tower in the Chartres Cathedral, and to go down into a cave to see prehistoric cave paintings (that one was tough but I'm very very proud that I managed it)

It was a good year for learning for me. I kept up with my music, equitation and knitting.

I managed to quell both of my rooms of mystery to the point of rendering them usable spaces. Still lots more to go, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel instead of the daunting, OMG ILL NEVER GET IT DONE panic that was there before :)

the lows:
2008 was a pretty sucky year health wise for me. suffice it to say that I am very very glad to have complete use of my right arm again, and to be narcotic and steroide free. I have come to grips with the idea that I have chronic back problems, and have a plan on how to limit its effects on my life as well as a plan of attack if it should flair up again.

my life was on hold for a good chunk of 2008 while dealing with this. my main goals for 2009 will be addressing this.


I dont do resolutions. I do goals. things I plan on focussing on.

1. back on the wagon diet wise. this means healthier eating, which means more cooking. I love cooking. being able to stand at the counter and chop means I can indulge this again. yay!

2. more crafty time. knitting, embroidery, millinery. these things soothe my soul

3. focus on relationships. the health thing rendered me pretty much unfit for human company. I gots me some bridges to mend, and some to shore up.

4. year of the house. last year was supposed to be year of the house, but I didnt manage more than a new roof and the two rooms. WSant to get back into gardening, and really do some pantry filling preserving. carve a functional workspace out of the attic and do some serious purging of extraneous possessions. Want to do some touch up painting on the interior, too. I think it might be the year for new windows too. we'll see how big a bonus I get (I usually dump bonuses into house stuff)

5. tidy up Ithra stuff. should go pretty quick once I can give it my full attention.

6. keep reminding myself of the proper order of things.

1. self and relationships. people come first. this includes your own health, including the basic requirements of food, shelter and security THEN the same for those you care about.
2. work and career
3. SCA stuff

in that order. dont let anyone guilt you into moving the second two above the first one.

that's enough navel gazing for now. Time to go work on one of those goals....
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well, here's to the new years goal of better health...

what I thought was a soupcon of a hangover (lovely party last night :)) seems to be a good ol' old fashioned cold. meh.

however I'm rather proud of myself that I'm actually taking care of it rather than using meds to soldier on.

baby steps....baby steps.....
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see goal #1 below 

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